Форма ф14 бланк

форма ф14 бланк
Even though C is given explicitly in exponential notation, it can be written with the F descriptor. This is normally SS. SP Force the printing of plus + signs in front of numerical data for the remainder of the FORMAT description. Compare this with the FORMAT statement 802 FORMAT(‘ ‘,2X,D15.7,2X,E15.7,2X,E15.7) Although 2(2X,E15.7) is equivalent to 2X,E15.7,2X,E15.7, they are treated differently when forced reversion occurs. Заявлений от граждан о снятии их с регистрационного учета по месту пребывания и составления на них адресных листков убытия не требуется.

When forced reversion occurs, only the 2(2X,E15.7) part of the FORMAT statement is reused. Because of the scan control descriptor : in the FORMAT statement, once all the items in the data transfer list are used, anything after the : is ignored. Descriptor Action BN All embedded and trailing blanks are treated as null and ignored.

Forced reversion has no effect on plus sign control, blank control or scaling factors. The character constant is simply output as is. There is no comma between the repeat-count and its associated descriptor(s). A slightly different FORMAT statement is 100 FORMAT(‘ ‘,3I10.8) which again yields three right-justified INTEGERs of width 10 but this time requires a minimum of 8 digits to be printed. Descriptor Dw.d, Ew.d Input Identical to Fw.d descriptor. Descriptor Dw.dEe, Ew.dEe Input Identical to Fw.d descriptor.

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