Vegetable snacks "Ecofermer" dried tomato

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The tomato is a delicious, fragrant and healthy vegetable that has won national love. Ekofermer selected the best plum tomatoes grown in the Krasnodar region and delicately dried them, using a gentle method of low-temperature drying, which allows to preserve all the useful properties of this wonderful vegetable. Dried tomatoes are an exquisite product widely used in national cuisines of Greece, Malta and Sicily. They have a spicy wonderful taste, dried tomatoes can be used alone as snacks, or can be added to salad, pizza, pasta sauce or meat, instead of fresh vegetables. Fiber, contained in tomatoes, improves the motility of the digestive tract. Sun dried tomatoes normalize the heart, reduce the risk of blood clots and remove excess fluid from the body.


Composition Tomatoes plum
Weight 50 g.

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