Sesame oil unrefined "Eсofarmer"

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The Ecofarmer represents the cold-pressed sesame seed oil, which is part of the range of premium quality premium oils. The second name of sesame is sesame. It was known in ancient times and is mentioned in many legends, as one of the components of the elixir of immortality. Sesame is widely used in cooking in many countries. Especially valuable are its medicinal properties. The most useful is oil obtained by cold pressing, as during its production all the useful components of the product are stored.

The healing properties of sesame oil are related to its chemical composition. First of all, it should be noted the high content of sesamol and sesamine, belonging to the group of plant-derived polyphenols - lignans. They have the properties of natural estrogens - female sex hormones. In addition, the lignans of seeds affect tumors that are sensitive to hormones. A similar action has tamoxifen, which is used for chemotherapy of breast cancer. Lignans block enzymes that participate in hormone metabolism, inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells. Antioxidants, with which the sesame seeds are rich, also have an anti-carcinogenic effect. The scientific world has published the results of scientific studies confirming the ability of lignans to block cancer cells and, thus, to impede the development of tumors.

The same important property of lignans is their counteraction to free radicals, which in large quantities enter the body or appear as a result of undesirable reactions associated with harmful products. Poor environmental situation also contributes to their increase, and most often from this skin suffers, since the first is in contact with the impact of external factors.

Aging of the skin is associated with a decrease in the amount of estrogens. Their deficiency leads to inhibition of collagen production, which reduces the elasticity of the skin, it becomes thinner and prone to wrinkles. The action of lignans contributes to the restoration of hormonal balance and regeneration of epidermal cells.

Another representative of lignans, contained in sesame oil, is sesamine. It has an indirect antioxidant effect, slowing down the decomposition of vitamin E. It also stimulates fat metabolism in tissues. Due to its unique properties, sesamin is even produced as a separate food additive for fat burning.

Amino acids contained in sesame oil are stimulants of collagen synthesis. And glycerin creates a thin film on the skin, protecting it from external influences and retaining moisture in the cells. Sterols help improve blood circulation. Thanks to such a rich set of useful substances with high efficiency, sesame oil has found wide popularity among the fairer sex. Sesame oil is actively used in the form of masks. They can be easily prepared at home as a vitamin, moisturizing, nourishing agent.


Composition Sesame seed oil of cold pressing
Volume 250 ml.

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