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Grape seed oil has a mass of medicinal properties, which the person knows not the first century. This unique natural component is actively used in medicine, cooking and cosmetology. The popularity of the natural product of the company "Ekofermer" is attached to the fact that the grape seed oil is manufactured according to standards and preserves all useful properties.

Composition and properties of grape oil

Natural oil is obtained by cold pressing grape seeds. This is a real "hormone of youth", containing an extensive list of useful substances. More than 70% of the composition is represented by linoleic acid Omega-6, there are vitamins E, C, A, as well as B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, trace elements, antioxidants and tannins. Grape stone oil contains chlorophyll, which stimulates metabolic processes in the body, and is a natural tonic. To remove free radicals from the body, the unique product "Ecofarmer" is 20 times more effective than vitamin C. Due to its light consistency, stone oil is perfectly absorbed by the body and absorbed into the skin, which significantly expands its scope. Regular use of an ecologically pure product will raise immunity and significantly improve the appearance. Oil "Ekofermer" is manufactured using modern industrial equipment, with observance of technology and quality raw materials.

Cooking application

Due to the fact that grape oil does not change the final taste of products, it can be added to almost all dishes. Grape stone oil is used to make homemade dressings, sauces and seasonings. The product of the brand "Ecofarmer" is mixed with spices, crushed garlic, ground pepper or basil. Useful and aromatic dressing comes to meat and fish dishes, salads and side dishes. Grape seed oil is used for marinating meat and fish, which significantly improve the taste.

Prevention of diseases

The daily need of a person in vitamin E is covered with a tablespoon of grape oil. Chlorophyll is rightly considered a natural antibacterial, antimicrobial drug. Regular, daily use of grape oil brand "Ekofermer" will avoid the formation of kidney stones, cleanse the vessels and have a general toning effect.

Use in cosmetology

Thanks to its powerful regenerative and healing effect, grape oil is actively used in medical and aesthetic cosmetology. The most popular are the following areas:

  • control of cellulite, cleansing of the upper layer of the epidermis, normalization and strengthening of the subcutaneous circulation;
  • removal of peeling and dry skin, comfortable application, because the oil "Ecofermer" does not leave stickiness and gloss;
  • acceleration of the regeneration and healing process - the skin is bleached and the fat metabolism is normalized, the appearance of pigment spots is prevented;
  • oil perfectly helps to cope with problem hair - it has a healing and restorative effect.

Acquiring grape seed oil from the company "Ecofermer", you are guaranteed to receive an environmentally friendly product of high quality.


Composition Grape seed oil of the first cold pressing
Vitamins A, В1, В2, В3, В6, В9, В12, E, C
Volume 250 ml.

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