Unrefined corn oil "Eсofarmer"

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Corn oil Ecofarmer is distinguished by its excellent taste, aroma and has a beautiful golden color. The oil is produced by the method of the first cold pressing of seeds (embryos) of corn and has a completely natural composition - without preservatives, dyes and flavors. The technological process of processing is carried out under the control of the company's quality service. The recipe for the production of corn oil Ecofarmer obliges us not to save on raw materials. We produce a useful product of premium quality and guarantee its exceptional taste.

One of the defining properties of corn oil is fatty acids and a high amount of vitamin E, which is twice as large as in sunflower and olive oil. Vitamin E is called the vitamin of youth and beauty. It is necessary not only for caring for the skin of the face and body, but also heals the entire body. Corn oil Ecoferment is necessary for future and lactating mothers. Traditional medicine successfully uses corn oil for the treatment of burns, allergic rhinitis and bronchial asthma, increasing and strengthening immunity.

Corn oil contains vitamins B, C, K and PP, as well as vitamin A, each of which is necessary for the body.

Corn oil Ecofermer is advantageously different from other vegetable oils in that it does not smoke, does not burn and does not foam. When it is used, carcinogenic substances that do not endanger life are formed, and its rich taste and aroma will make even the most familiar dish unusual


Composition Corn oil of the first cold pressing
Vitamins A, group B, C, E, K, PP
Volume 250 ml.

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