Breads on honey "Melon and apple" SLADKI

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Snacks on honey Sladki - a delicious sweet dessert, which benefits not only the figure, but the whole body.

Sprouted seeds, which are the basis of the Sladki, provide the body with healthy energy and a good mood. Desserts are made at a temperature of 40C, which allows to preserve all the useful natural components of the products used - dried fruits, honey and seeds of sprouted crops. Sladki tune the body to healthy digestive processes - high fiber and fiber content provide an easy cleaning and detoxification effect.Flax serves as an excellent nutrient medium for the development of useful microflora, and green buckwheat contains up to 15% protein, represented by the optimal set of amino acids and a large set of trace elements, which positively affects the formation of strong immunity. Polysaccharides of flax improve the state of the digestive tract, cardiovascular system. The high content of vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 improves the condition of the reproductive system. The sweet taste of melon and apple will cheer up and remind you of the sunny summer!


Composition Buckwheat green, sprouted, flax, sprouted, honey, apple, melon dried, pumpkin, purified drinking water
Weight 100 g.

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