Breads on honey "Berry" Sladki

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Sladki - it's sweet breads - an exclusive product, prepared according to the author's recipe only in the company Ecofermer. The basis for berry sweets are sprouted seeds of flax and green buckwheat. Bright taste is given to them by Apple, Cowberry and Honey. This is a dessert that allows you to direct the habitual principles of nutrition in a healthy way. Sladki can perfectly satisfy hunger, satisfy the needs of the body in natural vitamins and minerals, contribute to the purification and improvement of the digestive system, thanks to the high content of fiber and dietary fiber. Sladki from Ecofermer it's a delicious and healthy dessert of vegetable origin. It will be a great snack for children and adults!


Composition Buckwheat green, sprouted, flax, brown, apple, honey, cowberry
Weight 100 g.

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