Breads on honey "Pear and rosemary" SLADKI ENERGY

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Honey Sladki Energy "Pear and Rosemary" is an indispensable snack for regaining strength with mental and physical exertion. Pear is a rich source of fiber, accelerating metabolism and contributing to the normalization of intestinal flora. Vitamin C in the pear - a natural antioxidant, involved in the formation and strengthening of immunity. Folic acid in the pear normalizes the pressure, renews the cells of the body, stimulates the work of the nervous system, helping to overcome the "stress of physical fatigue." Rosemary improves blood circulation by stimulating the blood supply to the brain, thereby increasing attention, improving memory and stimulating brain activity. Delicate low-temperature drying technology from Ecofermer preserves vitamins, microelements and fiber.

Honey desserts Sladki Energy "Pear and Rosemary" meet the daily needs of the body in potassium, calcium and phosphorus, as well as vitamin C and E.


Composition Pear, flax sprouted, sunflower seeds, honey, purified drinking water, cardamom, rosemary
Micronutrients Potassium, calcium, phosphorus
Vitamins C, E
Weight 100 g.

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