Breads on honey "Pumpkin and apple" SLADKI ENERGY

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Honey Energy Sladki "Pumpkin and Apple" will be your favorite snack and for this there are many reasons - they are tasty, useful, giving energy, good mood and are convenient snacks for all family members.

Gourd helps to improve digestion, normalization of the digestive tract, separation of bile, increase water-salt metabolism, removes cholesterol from the body and harmful toxins.

The apple contains vitamins C, E, Group B, dietary fiber and antioxidants, which are the best protectors at high physical loads.

Sprouted flaxseed regulates blood pressure and arterial parameters, plays an important role in the metabolism of fats, the amount of calcium and energy. The seeds of brown flax also contain B vitamins and vitamin E, iodine, calcium, zinc, iron, carotene, magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, copper, nickel, manganese, molybdenum, cobalt and chromium. Omega-3 fatty acids and lignans, which contain flax seeds, have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, regulate heart rate and help reduce the risk of arrhythmias.

Green germinated buckwheat has a rich composition of nutrients: rutin; iron; copper; iodine; phosphorus; carbohydrates; cellulose; the most important amino acids; vitamins A, E, C, PP, B1, B2, B6, B9. The delicate low-temperature drying technology from Ecofermer preserves all useful substances, microelements and fiber.

Honey Sladki Energy "Pumpkin and Apple" will raise immunity after jogging, restore strength after training, replace a full meal and become an excellent alternative to harmful sweets


Composition Pumpkin, flax sprouted, apple, honey, purified drinking water, buckwheat germinated, sunflower seeds, black sesame
Micronutrients Iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, copper, iodine, phosphorus, carotene, carbohydrates, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids
Vitamins А, Е, С, РР, В1, В2, В6, В9
Weight 100 g.

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