Breads on honey "Apple and cinnamon" SLADKI

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Sladki - useful desserts from the company Ekofermer, which are based on dried fruits and sprouted seeds of two crops, the use of which is difficult to overestimate - green Altai buckwheat and brown linen.

The germinated seeds of green buckwheat contain high amounts of iron (6.7 mg / 100 g), copper (640 ?g / 100 g) and cobalt (3.1 ?g / 100 g) in green buckwheat, which allows it to actively participate in the process of hematopoiesis, improving the blood formula, regulating the level of hemoglobin. Carbohydrates of germinated seeds of green buckwheat are slowly converted to glucose, which helps to activate mental processes and reduce blood sugar. This process provides the body with energy for a long time.

The sprouted brown linen contains amino acids, vegetable fiber, vitamins, phytoestrogens and more than 30 types of omega fatty acids, a rare vitamin F. Flax is unique with its soft adsorbing properties. It helps purify the blood, reduce cholesterol, eliminate toxins and metabolic products from the body.

Sladki - it's a delicious and healthy dessert setting up the body for healthy algorithms.


Composition Buckwheat green, sprouted, flax, sprouted, apple, honey, cinnamon, purified drinking water
Weight 100 g.

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